martes, 20 de junio de 2017

Session 2 PM The kind mind in my job...

This concept of mindfulness can be applied in my day a day work because a have interaction with all kind of clients. Sometimes I have stress situations where I need to be calm to give my client a good solution to any problem. This kind of techniques can give me skills to control myself and be more empathetic with other people and of course with myself with self compassion.

Session 2 Pm Self compassion...

Self compassion....

Session 2 Chatbot impact my industry?

How can chatbot technology may impact my industry?
This kind of technology impact directly to my industry (meetings) because we offer as our main product a this technology will help the providers to give the fastest service to our customers answering questions, It will help us to interact with our clients and don´t have any chance to lose business because we didn't answered a call for example. It will help increase sales!!!!

Session 2 Conversational Commerce

 Conversational Commerce
Is the new technology that refers to de interaction in messaging and chat (text or voice) to answer to custumers quiestons (it may be a human or a chatbot or mixed). Its available at any time and the principal goal is to direct our client to purchase.

Session 2 Chatbot video

Example of a Concierge chatbot 😉

Final presentation

This is the final presentation for our export project. Final project